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Macau is considered to be the epicenter of the gambling business, surpassing even Las Vegas in terms of revenue it generates. An interesting fact about gambling profits in Macau is that two-thirds of this amount goes to gambling tourism operators. In this case, gaming tourism performs a very responsible function. In 2019, gross gambling revenue in Macau amounted to 217 billion HKD (Hong Kong dollars). In the future, the predicted growth of annual revenues amounts to up to 9%.

Nowadays, casino customers are mostly VIPs and rich people. However, the situation will change by 2020, when Macau will become the venue of the mass of gambling entertainment seekers. If you do not have an opportunity to come to Macau to play your favorite casino games, you can do it online. All you need to do is to find a trusted online casino Macau and create an account there.

You do not even need to invest a lot of money in your gambling hobby – some casinos will reward you with bonus credits once you deposit a few bucks. Searching for such a generous gambling venue? We will help you pick a good online casino with a minimum deposit.

Min Deposit Casinos Vs Land-Based Casinos In Macau

There is no big difference between online and land-based casinos in Macau. The former has developed to such a condition that they provide the same gambling entertainment as available in land-based gambling venues. Slots from NetEnt, table games from PlayTech, video poker from Microgaming – all these can be played on any device, at any time of the day. What is more, you can even play against a live dealer in online casinos.

The only difference between the two is that you can get bonus credits in online casinos, which is impossible in land-based gaming houses. So if you are a bonus hunter and looking for free credits, then you will definitely like Macau online casino games.

Macau Gambling Market Regulation

In Macau, the gambling business is regulated by the head of the local administration and subsidiary bodies, the Gaming Inspection and the Coordination Bureau. The authority of the administration includes determining the gambling policy, licensing, and regulating casino operators in Macau.

Subsidiary bodies control the market and issue special licenses:

  • Companies promoting gambling;
  • Manufacturers of electronic gambling equipment;
  • All industry participants.

The actions of local authorities are subject to the dedicated legislative act – Macau Gaming Law. The law establishes the legal framework for organizing commercial gambling. In addition, there are a number of other qualifying acts that regulate the business:

  • Instant Lottery Law – regulates the supply of instant lotteries;
  • Illegal Gaming Law – contains a list of games and equipment that are considered illegal;
  • International Gaming Tender Regulation – a law that allows foreign entrepreneurs to run a gambling business in Macau;
  • Gaming Promoters’ Regulation – an act regulating promotion and advertising of gambling, as well as the organization of junket tours;
  • Gaming Credit Law – regulates the work of casino operators and promoters of the gambling industry;
  • Junket Commissions Regulation – sets the boundaries within which companies organizing junket tours are charged;
  • Electronic Gaming Machines Regulation – controls the issuance of licenses to manufacturers of equipment used in casinos.

The legal framework promotes the development of the gambling business in Macau and allows attracting foreign entrepreneurs to the development of the gambling zone. The ability to obtain a license in the gambling capital of China allows global operators of land-based casinos to open their establishments in Macau. This, in turn, increases the attractiveness of the gambling opportunities for tourists and local residents. The first gambling establishment, which can be called a “casino,” opened in Macau (in the Central Hotel) in 1934. It is the Macau first online casino, which has laid the foundation for market development.

Currencies And Payment Methods Macau Players Use

Players of Macau casinos have plenty of options when it comes to currencies and payment solutions to use for deposits and withdrawals. No matter if Euros, US dollars, British pounds, or bitcoins on your account, you can use the money for gambling purposes.

Here are some of the banking systems you can use today in Macau online casinos:

  • Credit/debit cards – you can use your Visa and MasterCard plastic cards to make deposits and withdrawals in any online casino. As a rule, no more than 3-5 working days are necessary for the transaction to occur, and the commission depends on the amounts processed.
  • Online wallets – these are some of the most popular payment solutions. High operation speed, 100% data safety, and reduces charges – these are what makes PayPal, Neteller, Payoneer, Skrill widely used in online casinos.
  • Cryptocurrencies – digital monetary units are becoming more and more popular today due to the absolute anonymity of users, high operation speeds, and minimal commissions charged per transaction.
  • Money transfers – although it is quite an old-fashioned payment solution, it is still used by some users.

When selecting a casino for real-money gambling, it is important to check payment solutions it supports. Otherwise, you risk winning a jackpot without being able to cash out your winnings. Also, it is critically important to check the specs of a particular banking system. Withdrawal times, min/ max amounts processed within a single transaction, and commission is some of the things to check.

Macau Minimum Deposit Casinos Conclusion

According to poker statistics, Macau is the largest gambling center in the world, where the minimum bet at a regular table is much higher than in any other gaming hub in the world. If you want to get a portion of thrill in Macau casinos, you do not have to buy a ticket to the Asian gambling center. It is enough to register an account in an online casino low minimum deposit from our list and dive deep in the Macau casino world.

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