Minimum Deposit Casino Paysafe Card Payment Option

Today, the Internet has brought to us endless opportunities ranging from earning money online to having the ever best entertaining content accessible anytime. It is no longer necessary to go to cinemas or get bored at 8-5 jobs somewhere in the concrete jungles of offices. The same applies to the whole industry of gambling, as it is becoming more and more digitized. Nowadays, anyone can access an online gambling platform and play with luck there in just a few seconds. However, accessibility is not the only feature making such casinos so convenient; it is also the minimum deposit feature that captures attention.

As you are signing up at one of the online gambling facilities, you are most likely to be asked to deposit some money into your account to gamble with. However, this rule has recently been changing across a variety of platforms, with the new minimum deposit principle taking its place. This principle enabled low-rolling gamblers who are only eager to gamble with low budgets with a range from $1 to $10. Thus, Paysafecard minimum deposit casinos are among the top players in this field, and we will cover such a Paysafecard online casino in more detail below.

Paysafe Card Payment at Low Deposit Casino

To begin with, a Paysafecard casino means that its payment methods have been built around or integrated with the Paysafecard payment service. It was founded at the beginning of the 00s in the European culture capital, Vienna. Currently, the service is known to provide the safest and most convenient payment options to a number of online gambling platforms all over the world. So, if you would like to roll low, you should opt for one of such facilities with the Paysafecard deposits feature,

Paysafecard is essentially a new way to look at the prepaid payments. To be able to pay with it, one has to first buy the card in one of the local stores. The card itself has only a 16-digit pin code with which you can make the deposit at one of the casinos. One of the specialties of this medium of payment is that you, as its owner, do not even need a credit card or a bank account to be able to use it. It is only the physical card that matters. So, once such is purchased, you are good to go and gamble at one of the websites accepting such a payment method.

Making Deposit with Paysafe Card

One of the first steps to take to get started is making a deposit at the gambling facility with the mentioned above 16-digit number. When purchasing such Paysafecard, you are free to choose any amount of money you would like to have on it. One could buy any amount, namely 10, 25, 50, 75 or 100 GBP (at PayPoint, additionally: 125, 150, 175 GBP). Once this is done, we are free to move to the next step of actually depositing money into the casino account.

It is usually in the “deposit” option in the casino’s banking section where you are to find the “prepaid cards” alternative. When you choose it, continue to the “casino deposit Paysafecard” one, and here you go. All is left to do is enter the desired amount of the deposit by giving the 16-digit PIN. Thus, in just a few steps, you can set up a very convenient and efficient deposit and withdrawal method enabling you to gamble with the lowest amount of money.

Withdraw with Paysafecard

Now, as we are through the set-up process, it is time for a more satisfying procedure being the withdrawal of the winnings. Assumingly, you have got it right today and managed to hit the jackpot, but what would be the next steps? Let us walk you through the process of withdrawing winnings after depositing a certain amount of money through your 16-digit pin outlet.

One of the ways to conduct a withdrawal is to open my Paysafecard account that operates like an e-wallet. Some of the casinos support it as a withdrawal option. Unfortunately, withdrawals cannot take place through the same type of card as the deposit. Why so? Well, since the prepaid card only allows you to put cash on it, there is no real way for it to be paid at by anybody else. Therefore, to withdraw your winnings, you will have to provide a different payout method. It could be anything from a credit card to an online service alike. The most important point here is that you consult with the gambling website to make sure that there is a way for you to get your funds out in the most secure way. Usually, it should not be a problem as all facilities are taking proper care of this.

Paysafecard Minimum Deposit Casino Key Points

Now, as you have learned some of the basics about the whole minimum deposit concept and the possible deposit methods, it is time to summarize some of the key take-aways:

  • There are numerous casinos allowing you to gamble with a little money as $1 or €1 depending on your local currency. This principle is called a minimum deposit casino;
  • Minimum deposits are usually enabled through a number of options, one of which is the Paysafecard. One can purchase such a card offline at some of the service provider’s local stores across the globe. It contains only a 16-digit code which can be entered as a deposit option at the gambling website;
  • To deposit money to your casino account with a prepaid card method, you will have to go to the respective page at the website and choose “paysafecard” as an option. Then, it is time to fill in the code and amount of money to be put onto the account;
  • The last step being taking out of the money usually takes place through a different medium. These include credit cards, debit cards, online wallets fo alike services.

These key points should make it crystal clear on how to use the service in question. However, there might be some more open questions regarding possible limitations, fees, and processing times. All of these are covered hereinafter, so stay tuned!


Of course, with a fair amount of freedom and convenience, also come several restrictions, especially for the gambling field. Firstly, there is a maximum amount per payment limit equaling to GBP 200. For owners of Mastercard Paysafecard, there is a range of limits on card balance, transactions, and ATM withdrawals. Thus, for instance, you can only have up to GBP 4,000 at your account and not exceed GBP 1,500 in the transaction per day.

When it comes to online gambling, there are also some special limitations. For instance, one could only deposit up tp €1,000 into the gambling account with the card. This is because the gambling industry is generally one of the most regulated across the globe. However, as we are looking at low-rolling gambling activities, it should not constitute a major problem for gamblers.

Processing times

Another important differentiating point for the providers of online prepaid services is definitely processing time. The good news is, though, processing happens almost immediately. Especially for the lowest sums of money. Thus, if you are depositing GBP 5, it will reach your account in less than 1 minute. Such speed and service user-centricity guarantee amazing experiences for clients and gamblers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Paysafe Cart Payment

When choosing the payment method, one should definitely consider not only the best sides of the service but also its drawbacks. Therefore, below, we are presenting a list of advantages inherent to this payment method, followed by the possible drawbacks one could encounter using it. In the end, we base our choices on what matters the most to us personally.

So, here are the main advantages of the Paysafe method:

  • No need to submit any kind of personal data such as name, surname, year of birth, bank account details
  • 100% anonymity in using the cards with the pin code
  • Instant deposit of funds to the account
  • The depositing process is simplified and easy to perform from anywhere in the world
  • You are completely in control of your budget and cannot exceed it as the card has only a certain amount of money available.

Nevertheless, the following few points could also be quite frustrating for users:

  • No possibility to withdraw winnings unless one has a special account therefor
  • One card is only valid for one deposit thus meaning that you always have to buy new ones for the subsequent depositing activities

All in all, online gambling has never been so easy-to-use and fun-to-engage-in. Services all over the world do their best to ensure the best user experience possible by creating more favorable financial conditions and lowering the gambling bar to as low as $1. One may say it is high time for the whole industry to flourish and expand their client base.

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